K-wind is founded in 2019. We are the only and the first corporation, fully staffed with blade field certified professional in Korea

‌Our Technical Support team holds qualifications for Rope Access and Rotor blade inspector, technician (Module 1 and 2)

ISO 9001:2015,  ISO14001:2015,  ISO45001:2018
Certification Scope
Wind Power Generator Manitenance and Other Machinery and Equipment Repair Business

 K-wind corp. has certified professionals who can inspect rotor blades.

Module 1 Rotor Blade Inspector

- Rotor blade damages
- Analysis of the blade damages
- Rotor blade damage classification
- Documentation of rotor blade damages
- Required qualifications and legislation
- Rotor blade access
- Health and safety 
K-wind corp. has certified professionals who can repair rotor blades.

Module 2 Rotor Blade Repair Technician

- Analysis of the blade damages
- Composite rotor blade repair materials
- Rotor blade repair methods
- Practical training on rotor blade
- Construction of GFRP structures
- Rotor blade access for repair technicians
- Health and safety, quality management