What makes us special

Certified professionals perform the inspection and repair of blades 

   ▶ Maintenance and inspection carried out by professional personnel
        · Preventive maintenance stage 
          - Diagnose damages of blade and adjust inspection times
        · Inspection stage 
          - Primary inspection using drone, secondary inspection through rope access

   ▶ Wind Turbine Blade Repair 
       ·  Setting up repair planning upon damage type
       ·  Rope Access repair
       ·  Creating repair reports

   ▶ Wind Turbine Exterior Painting 
       ·  Establishing plans for painting range, and period
       ·  Salt damage resistance painting and Wind protection spray 

   ▶ Professional manpower training for Wind turbine maintenance 
       ·  Training and educating for qualified personnel in blades repairing skills
       ·  Training for advanced maintenance specialist

The maintenance using 'Rope Access' is a safe operation that is not affected by the working environment, location, and equipment.

▶ Accessibility and Mobility  
    · No separate facility required for maintenance
▶ There are few natural constraints of working environment
·  Except lightning, rain, and gusts condition
▶ Minimizing the input of manpower and equipment
    ·  Moving equipment or installing and removing are not required
▶ Shortening the repair time period
    ·  The critical path not requiring various resources
▶ Cost saving
    ·  Saving  labor cost, equipment, and time. 
    ·  Minimize discontinuation of production 

▶ Safe and Low risk 
    ·  Strengthen safety  with certified professionals